PDT has developed the first commercial intermediate strain rate testing device for tension and compression loading which guarantees constant strain rates and smooth stress strain data from 10/s to 500/s. The system is devised based on novel serpentine transmittal bar technology.

This technology is the first ever impedance matched bar system that is compact enough to fit into a conventional lab. Loading is based on direct hydraulic actuation, which provides a smooth loading pulse, without ramp up time/distance, for strain rate consistency. This system is designed for operators who are interested in intermediate strain rate tension and compression experiments on metals, polymers, and composites. The software and machine operation does not require any extensive knowledge of wave propagation, or dynamic interactions. A wide range of ASTM compression and tension specimens can be used in this systems at intermediate strain rates.

A detailed description of the device has been recenlty published in the "International Journal of Impact Engineering" entitled "A novel intermediate strain rate testing device: The serpentine transmitted bar"

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